Heads up, it’s not just “other” people or places that get flooded. It could be you and your family. Find out who’s at risk and who should be protected by flood insurance.

Who is behind this campaign?

This is not a plug from a particular company to sell flood insurance policies. It is a regional outreach campaign spearheaded by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission to encourage area residents to purchase flood insurance to protect themselves as our flood risks continue to grow.

Funding for this project was provided in part by a grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. Click here for more information on Virginia’s floodplain management program and to access the Virginia Flood Risk Information System.

Where can I get media resources?

The media resources we have available are right here on this page. You’re welcome to use and share the downloadable files in our helpful toolkit, check out the listed organizations that can give you more information about this important topic, and click on the active links to related articles in order to learn more. Help us reach out to your friends and neighbors who may not understand the critical nature of flooding in Hampton Roads and the need for flood insurance.

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Rack Card: Fill Up On Flood Facts
How Do I Protect My Property and Stay Safe?

Fill Up On Flood Facts informational Rack Card

Digital Ads

Digital Ads: Fill Up On Flood Facts

Fill Up On Flood Facts informational Rack Card

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How do I contact the campaign?

You can do it right here! Use the form below to ask us any questions you may have or just to let us know what you think.

Get the simple, indisputable facts about the growing chances for flooding, why you need flood insurance, and what your rate might be with our Flood Insurance Estimator.