Heads up, it’s not just “other” people or places that get flooded. It could be you and your family. Find out who’s at risk and who should be protected by flood insurance.

Who needs flood insurance?

That’s simple. Everyone who lives in a home or owns a commercial building where it rains needs flood insurance. Because anywhere it can rain, it can flood.


So maybe you don’t own the home in which you live. That doesn’t mean you can’t suffer flood damages and loss. A flood insurance contents policy is available to renters, providing coverage of up to $100,000 for your personal possessions.1


Why would you invest all that money in your home and then not protect it against floods, one of the most common natural hazards?1 The damage from just one inch of water can cost more than $25,000.2 In fact, in the average one-story house with 2,500 square feet, one inch of water inside the home could mean $23,000 house costs and more than $3,000 personal-property costs.3

Check to see what your flood insurance rate might be with our Flood Risk Calculator.

Homeowners with mortgages.

Your lender may require you to purchase flood insurance. Do it. But even if it’s not required because you’re not in a high-risk flood zone, be sure you understand your risks and your options, no matter where you are.1 By the way, did you read the part about sea level rise on this website?2 And that Hampton Roads is sinking?3

Quick estimate of your flood insurance rate? Use our Flood Risk Calculator.

It only takes one inch of water to cause up to $25,000 worth of damages.

Homeowners who have paid off their mortgages.

Just because it’s not required by a mortgage lender doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Consider the risks we have living in Hampton Roads due to rainfall and our proximity to water. Then consider that heavy rainfall is becoming more frequent and intense,1 and that experts project that sea level in our area will continue to rise almost one inch every five years.2  Finally, consider taking a quick look at your estimated flood insurance rate using our Flood Risk Calculator.

Homeowners with homeowners insurance.

That’s right. Don’t be one of the 56 percent of people with homeowners insurance who mistakenly believes your policy protects against flooding.1 While your homeowners insurance may pay for water damage due to broken pipes or a leaky roof, only flood insurance pays for damages caused by flooding. Read your policy and see for yourself. Then make plans to completely protect yourself, your family and your property. For an estimate of what your flood insurance rate might be, check out our Flood Risk Calculator.

Business owners.

Your business buildings or offices may be just as vulnerable as area homes, right? If you’re a business owner, it would be a smart business decision to protect your equipment, your inventory, your employees’ jobs and all you’ve worked for with non-residential flood insurance. Our Flood Risk Calculator can help you get the ball rolling.

Who is behind this campaign?

This is not a plug from a particular company to sell flood insurance policies. It is a regional outreach campaign spearheaded by the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission to encourage area residents to purchase flood insurance to protect themselves as our flood risks continue to grow.

It's time to get the simple, indisputable facts about the growing chances for flooding and why you need flood insurance.
It's time to get the simple, indisputable facts about the growing chances for flooding and why you need flood insurance.

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